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The Engineering Center Steyr offers in Lower Austria, at the St. Valentin   site, a broad spectrum of services in the special field of acoustics and vibration technique.

Generally we distinguish two different areas of actifities:


The benefit for our customers lies in the synergy of the knowledge of both areas with high sophisticated NVH experts and the application of high state of the art analysis methods and measuring systems.

In the NON – AUTOMOTIVE SECTION we offer acoustic and vibration diagnostics on plant and mechanical constructions, which are then merged with the deep product knowledge of our customer to achieve the best solution for the problem or optimization strategy.

In the AUTOMOTIVE SECTION we understand our self as assistants of OEM’s, and additional charged with the responsibility for the system integration of MAGNA Powertrain products and there development.

Vibration investigation of heavy trucks, tractors and construction machines Transition from AUTOMOTIVE to NON - AUTOMOTIVE

  • brake power : 470 KW
  • brake momentum: 11.000 Nm
  • speed: 130 Km/h
  • vertical load: 14.000 kg