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The most demanding technical requirements and a variety of client structures characterize ECS engineering projects.

The Technical Information Systems team is responsible for the availability and economic use of the CAD/CAM/PDM tools. As a 1st level service provider it is proactively available to the development engineers and project staff with its comprehensive and first-class expertise. 

Constantly facing new challenges, this "house-tested" expertise forms a substantial basis for cooperation with OEMs and numerous SMEs, who enjoy profiting from ECS's CAD/CAM/PDM/PLM services.


No tool can be better than its user's ability to exploit and command it. We therefore restrict our solution expertise not only to the optimum operation of the CAD/CAM/PDM applications used in development and production, but also increase the utility value of project data through our Engineering Integration Base (EIB). The EIB is the central integration platform at MAGNA. It links the individual CAD/CAM/PDM systems and processes to a globally accessible, high-performance PLM process chain.

Integration platform - Engineering Integration Base (EIB)