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In addition to our competence in the fields of  simulation of Vehicle Thermal Management Systems (VTMS), we are also using the technique of 3- dimensional Computional Fluid Dynamics (CFD). 

The analysis and visualization of flow effects which are wanted or not offer the possibillity to get a deeper understanding of physics and help to optimize geometries, designs and concepts.

We have decided to use this experience not only within our own engineering work, we are also offering these services to our customers worldwide.

Some areas where we are specialized:

  • Cooling air flow and HVAC-ducts
  • Turbo machines and fans
  • High pressure hydraulics
  • Convective cooling of drivetrain components
  • Water cooling jackets
  • Underhood analysis

 Case studies:

Design and development of fans

Design and development of fans

Convective cooling of gearboxes

Convective cooling of gearboxes
  • Conjugate heat transfer
  • Derivation of heat fluxes
  • Investigation of the current state
  • From the test bench to application