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Entwicklung eines Frameworks zur Integration der Prüfstands- und Applikationsperipherie in Matlab/ Simulink

BeschreibungThe adoption of base engines for special applications in the environment of pas senger cars, trucks, boats and special purpose vehicles is an area of expertise for the Engineering Center Steyr (ECS). In the context of the Electronic Control Unit (ECU) calibration a target oriented, analytic approach is necessary to fulfill the requirements under the constraints of the increasing cost pressure. To meet the increasing requirements in reference to the ECU calibration, at ECS the model based calibration toolbox (MBC) from Mathworks is used. The functionality of the MBC is expanded by a own toolbox, the ECS MV toolbox. This toolbox includes functions for the optimization of models with 2 stages and the interfaces to the test bench environment. With the toolbox Simulink models can be prepared, which the interface blocks to communicate with the test bench and the application software and additional measurement periphery. The Simulink interface block to the test bench environment includes an on- and offline modus and a free configurable internal and external limit monitoring. In this paper an overview of the implementation of the interface to the test bench e nvironment will be given. The different strategies for the calculation of the operating point trajectories will be explained and the details of the limit value monitoring are shown. The functionality of the MBC and the MV toolbox in the context of calibration and o ptimization are shown on a 6 cylinder diesel engine.
AutorGerd Schlager, Valentin Kordesch, Heinz Waras, MAGNA POWERTRAIN - Engineering Center Steyr GmbH & Co KG, St. Valentin, Austria
Ort3rd Matlab/Simulink - Conference, Berlin
Datum6. Jul 2005 - 7. Jul 2005
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