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Intelligent Calibration Tool – an approach to cover the whole calibration process

BeschreibungTo handle the whole calibration process and to document the complete workflow a new calibration tool was developed. Beside the data management, the knowledge gathering from existing information sources and the data acquisition process the analysis and modelling methods are core features, which should be as flexible as possible. To cover all the needs for calibration and function development the tool was designed as a framework with a well-defined workflow. This workflow is independent from the exercise, means independent if the task will be done static or semi (quasi)-dynamic on a test bench or a chassis dyno due to a flexible analysis layer. The paper describes the necessary infrastructure to realise an automatic calibration process with all necessities to document the process automatically. Furthermore methods for measurement or data based models and optimization types are presented. To optimize some maps over the whole operation range a consistent classification between different local model structures was introduced. Based on the optimized results for the local maps a global map is derived from the global base map. Also some methods to shorten the process are explained. Additionally methods based on intelligent algorithm to shorten the stabilisation phase for the measurement process are established. To analyse the trajectories in the high dimensional space in an effective way a solver was implemented to reduce stabilisation time.
AutorHöfer Christoph, Schlager Gerd, Doppelbauer Clemens
Ort5th Conference: Design of Experiments (DoE) in Engine Development, Berlin
Datum29. Jun 2009 - 30. Jun 2009
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