Engine & Hybrid Engineering

Our development activities in engine engineering cover the range from calibration and onboard diagnostic solutions, to power and emission upgrades and hybrid vehicle drivability optimization.

Our expertise is supported by a broad range of testing equipment such as transient engine dynos, high altitude and noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) chambers, hybrid drivetrain test rigs and a chassis dynamometer test bench.

Our engineering processes are strongly supported by our software tool chains which optimize electrified powertrains and combustion engines in order to fulfill future CO2 and emission targets.

Engine Calibration

  • Engine performance
  • Raw emissions and after treatment
  • Homologation 
  • Vehicle derivate application

Real Drive Emissions (RDE)

  • Measurement services
  • Evaluation / analyses
  • Calibration optimization
  • RDE concept validation


  • Modular hybrid strategy manager
  • Optimization of operation strategies
  • Hybrid system evaluation
  • Functional integration of hybrid system

Drivability and NVH

  • Torque management
  • Drivability calibration
  • Vehicle functions
  • NVH optimization

On Board Diagnostic (OBD)

  • OBD I (electrical)
  • OBD II (emission related) vehicle 
    • Scan tool communication NVH
      • Fault path management

        Calibration Support Environment

        • Data analyses
        • Model based cal. tool
        • Map tool
        • Failure path analyzer