Cabin / Body

A high quality design of the cabin characterizes the appearance of the branding of a vehicle with respect to the different applications and markets. In addition customers' individual requirements also challenge the solution for the overall package of the whole cabin, as well as the integration of the driver´s working place and living area.

We are working with a strong simultaneous engineering process in order to achieve the ideal solution between the end users needs like ergonomics, comfort, safety, styling appearance as well as costs and the production requirements.

Therefore we offer design, simulation, styling, prototype and testing activities for body in white, exterior, interior as well as electrical & electronic integration and chassis interface development for an efficient vehicle.

Whether it is a LDT, MDT, HDT, VAN, farm tractor or special vehicle, we have the experience for complete cabin / body development and of its fitting on the vehicle. 

Cabin Concept

  • Line up & dimensions definition
  • Ergonomic & package layout
  • Modularity / assembly concepts
  • Legal requirements / regulations
  • Specification book
  • Chassis interfaces investigations

Body in White Development (BIW)

  • BIW structure & door design
  • Performance & crash optimization
  • Light weight solutions
  • Modular assembly
  • Function integration & part numbers reduction

Exterior Development

  • Design for bumper, hood, steps, spoilers, ...
  • Aerodynamic & pollution optimization
  • Assembly and maintenance concepts
  • Manufacturing & material definition 
  • Interface integration (e.g. E / E, cameras, ADAS, ...)

Interior Development

  • Design for dashboard, storages, trims, berth, ...
  • Ergonomic driver´s place, HMI
  • Modern living & equipment
  • Manufacturing, splitting line & material definition
  • Assembly and maintenance solutions
  • Integration of  interfaces