The chassis engineering is one of the biggest challenges in truck engineering. An immense variety of vehicle variants and applications for different markets with different requirements and therefore with correspondingly different components must be taken into account. The Engineering Center Steyr Vehicle Engineering covers the entire scope of the chassis development, from the modular concept to series documentation. This includes design, calculation, simulation for strength and fatigue, ride and handling as well as testing for frames, add-on parts, axles, suspension, and steering as well as integration of powertrain including cooling, electrics, brake system and acoustics. From cars to commercial vehicles and special vehicles, with independent suspension or rigid axles, our experience covers both the entire chassis development and system integration for these vehicles.

Chassis Frame

  • Ladderframe with different connection technologies
  • Frame for special vehicle application
  • Modularity investigations
  • Digital mock-up
  • Lightweight solutions
  • E /E development and integration
  • Add-on parts
  • Brake system simulation and integration
  • Strength & fatigue simulation
  • Ride & handling simulation and performance target setting

Axle / Suspenison System

  • Rigid axle suspension
  • Independent suspension
  • Pusher- / trailing axles suspension
  • Spring types
    • Steel suspension (coil / leaf)
    • Air suspension
    • Hydraulic suspension

Kinematics simulation and performance target setting

Steering System

System design for standard rigid axle or independent suspension 

  • Kinematics steering & suspension system development
  • Steering column kinematics
  • Steering ratios & forces
  • Steering system interface development

Powertrain Integration

  • SUV to heavy duty trucks
  • Powertrain packaging
  • Powertrain performance and energy demand optimization
  • Interface system development
    • Powertrain suspension system
    • Driveshaft system integration
  • Cooling system
  • Air intake, fuel and after treatment system
  • Digital mock-up