Overall Layout

An accurate planning of the next new vehicle generation is the basis for future success.  

In order to guarantee an efficient product development, the overall layout and all product specific parameters must be identified in a very early stage of the development phase. 

With our long-term experience, we are a perfect partner to support you in this important phase of defining the new vehicle portfolio for LDT, MDT, HDT truck, VAN, SUV, farm tractor or special vehicles.

Line Up

  • Classification / GVW
  • Applications (urban, delivery, long haul, ...)
  • Chassis & cab / body variant definition
  • Propulsion systems selection
  • Overall combination matrix

Market Research

  • Target markets
  • Customer buy criteria
  • Actual vehicle / benchmark
  • Trend research
  • Development of the future

Functional Dimension Concept

  • Main dimensions
  • Fixed values (e.g. legal, ...)
  • Flexible parameters
  • Modular dimensions (e.g. wheel base, ...)
  • Benchmark comparison / best in class
  • Key parameter indicators (KPI)

Product Definition

  • Safety and performance target setting
  • Functions & features
  • Vehicle specification
  • Component specification
  • Production volumes
  • Production & assembly plan