A future orientated styling is the key for the success of a product. Magna´s transportation design is characterized by a high diversity in services.

A strong coordination with the engineering leads to high quality products which fulfill all technical requirements is integral to our developments. 

Within our portfolio we cover the styling of trucks, light commercials, vans, tractors, as well as buses. 

Concept Design Development

  • Trend research / styling benchmark
  • Orientation program / mood boards
  • Design strategy
  • Creative ideation program / 2D sketching
  • Theme development exterior / interior

Surface & Visualization

  • Fast modelling (polygon modelling)
  • CAS – 3D theme development
  • Class A surfacing
  • Powerwall visualization
  • Virtual reality design check

Serial Design Development

  • Theme verification
  • Serial design support during realization
  • Styling – technical unification
  • Color & trim
  • Detail design

Hardware Modelling

  • Scale models
  • Clay models
  • Design check model exterior / interior
  • Interior seating buck