Measurement Services

The validation of the prototypes is the basis for the final acceptance of the product. For this, objective data for the full vehicle or sub systems are collected by our measurement services. Here we offer the preparation, instrumentation and application of sensors and measurement systems as well as performing of all kinds of recording of vehicle tests and durability runs. In addition we are providing all the sensors, data acquisition systems and measurement data and data analysis. 

Vehicle Dynamics / Comfort

  • Combined gyro / GPS system
  • Measurement steering wheel
  • Acceleration sensors
  • Highly precise velocity measurement system

Vehicle Durability / Development Tests

  • Compact vehicle data – logging systems
  • Measurement modules (voltage, current, frequency, temperature, ...)
  • Data exchange (FTP, cloud, ...)

System / Component Measurement Services

  • Steering system tests 
  • Brake performance tests
  • Drivability test

EE System Analysis

  • CAN – bus analysis
  • Network management investigation
  • EE Benchmarks
  • HV-measurement equipment (up to 1000V DC)