The prototype manufacturing, procurement and assembly will bring the advanced developed solutions to life. The prototypes can show their capabilities in fulfilling the requested specifications in regard to reliability, functionality, safety, maintainability and excellence of design. Depending on the customer requirement components or 3rd party components can be built upand integrated into the prototypes which can also be an upgrade of existing vehicles or a donor vehicle that will be rebuilt to show the performance of the new components. 

Our service range starts from single prototype parts to subsystems up to full vehicles. Also mule- and demonstrator vehicles as well as show cars for exhibitions and conferences are in our prototype build portfolio.

Prototype Parts & Sub Systems

  • Brackets
  • Wiring harness
  • Covers
  • Chassis frame
  • Steering system
  • Suspension system
  • Thermal management system
  • Brake system
  • Front / rear axle
  • Engine mount system
  • Cab suspension and tilting

Demonstration Vehicles

  • Pure electric
  • Hybrid
  • Passenger cars
  • Light to heavy duty commercial vehicle
  • Demonstration of complete vehicle function
  • Demonstration of integrated subsystems
  • HIL build up

Mule Vehicles

  • Chassis and suspension adaption and integration
  • Thermal management
  • Power-/ drivetrain adaption and integration
  • Seating bucks

Full Vehicles

  • Light duty up to heavy duty commercial vehicle
  • With alternative powertrains systems
  • With light weight solution
  • Integrated ADAS functions
  • With innovative cabin systems