Our portfolio covers the full range of typical customer needs for numerical structural analysis. We offer all related services, starting with guidance for the definition of the analysis task (model extent, boundary conditions, loads, methodology) up to the professional interpretation of the results and providing feasible design recommendations. Our daily mission is to improve the methodology by adapting our simulation process or developing new analysis approaches. Due to our expertise, the tight relation with the FEMFAT software development and the intensive cooperation with our testing departments it is possible to align the simulation tasks to best fit to reality respectively to the customers' demand. 

Engine Durability Analysis

  • Thermal analysis including heat transfer and radiation
  • ABAQUS and FEMFAT material parameter set up based on specimen tests
  • Fatigue assessment (LCF, TMF, HCF)
  • Injection systems simulations

Analysis of Bodies & Cabs

  • Quasi-static or modal fatigue assessments
  • Strength & durability investigations 
  • Standard body development loadcases (slam, lifting, modal,…)
  • Crash simulation for cabs (certified for ECE R29 simulation)
  • Simulation of ECE R14, ECE R17

Frame & Suspension Optimization

  • Frame, add on parts and suspension parts
  • From light to heavy duty vehicles
  • Passenger car, trucks, construction machines, train bogies

Axle & Transmission Structures

  • Loadings from standards, road load measurements, EHD, CFD or MBS simulations
  • Housings, auxiliaries and add on parts evaluation
  • Tooth contact patterns from rolling off simulations
  • Shape, topology optimization considering material behavior and complex loads

Material Parameter Fitting & Plastics

  • Set up of FEA or FEMFAT base material data to adjust results to specimen or component tests
  • FEA & assessment methods like elastomers, short fiber reinforced plastics or laminates with continuous fibers
  • Injection molding simulation
  • Assessment of seam- and spot welds, self-piercing rivets, laser- and capacitor discharge welding with FEMFAT
  • Considering production process effects like residual stresses from hardening or forming

Available Software

  • ANSA/META (pre- and postprocessing)
  • NASTRAN / ABAQUS (Solver)
  • FEMFAT (strength and durability assessment)
  • TOSCA (optimization)
  • ANSYS (pre- and postprocessing, solver)
  • Moldex3D (injection molding simulation)
  • MAMBA (contact spot welded structures)

Rolling off Simulation