Thermal Management

Thermal management engineering is essential in the development process of every new vehicle. Understanding how individual components influence the overall system is necessary for an optimal design regarding  energy consumption, emissions, noise, fatigue, and other parameters. But the necessary expertise to perform the required sophisticated tests, simulations and calculations becomes more and more complex. 

At  St. Valentin we have experience with thermal management for more than 25 years. You can access this expertise by working with us in engineering and simulation projects. Different categories of projects are available, e.g.:

  • Full featured complete thermal management projects, including system design and integration, testing, KULI simulation, CFD simulation and operating strategy development
  • "Simulation only" projects to support your development process or for concept investigations,
  • Training and support for your KULI team – either at our location or on-site
  • Improving your KULI simulation environment and your VTM development workflows, e.g. by setting up Excel macros or linking KULI to your Matlab/Simulink environment

Our range of experience includes the following areas:

Passenger Car Projects

  • Concept studies – size and position of cooling components
  • Engine variations and front end studies
  • Temperature and fuel consumption simulation for driving cycles
  • Hybrid and e-car thermal management, from battery to vehicle level
  • HVAC performance simulations (cool-down and heat-up incl. heat pump)

Bus & Truck Projects

  • EURO IV/V/VI measures for efficient cooling
  • EGR and charge air pre-cooling
  • Fan control and transient simulation
  • Waste heat recovery
  • Hybrid vehicles, including battery cooling, e-motor cooling, etc.

Offroad Projects

  • System optimization oil – charge air – coolant
  • Adjusting cooling package to meet the requirements of the latest emissions legislation
  • Cooling air flow optimization for rear mounted cooling package
  • Climatisation of driver cabin of e.g. farm tractors, excavators, etc.