Our benchmark team specializes in analyzing complete vehicles holistically. At our site we offer in-house complete vehicle test benches and an in-house test track. Thus, benchmark vehicles ranging from passenger cars to heavy commercial vehicles can be evaluated on different asphalt zones, off-road and rough roads.

In addition, vehicle and propulsion systems can be validated from the perspective of the driver and test engineer. On customers request they can be integrated in the benchmarking process to feel the differences directly on the vehicle. 

Feel the Differences directly on the Vehicle




The vehicle benchmark includes the subjective evaluation based on the experience of our trained test engineers according to the SAE J1444 methodology and the objective support from the company's own driving dynamics measurement technology for the vehicle evaluations in longitudinal, lateral and vertical direction. The complete vehicle ergonomics are the focus of the evaluation.

  • ​​​​​​​Driver assistance systems
  • Acoustics
  • Special applications
  • Drive including energy and thermal management
  • Chassis, wheel suspension including tire selection, steering, brakes, etc.
  • Commercial vehicle cab storage
  • Cabin interior and exterior

Systems are also benchmarked at system level

The benchmark results can also be carried out worldwide at the customer's site. In many cases benchmark results are used to derive the project targets.