To validate components and functions, we offer pre-commissioning at component or system level on our individual configurable test benches.

At these test benches, it is possible to detect and correct possible weaknesses in the circuit diagram, wiring harness or in the software even before prototype built up.

Furthermore, communication tests on the bus systems as well as wake up and shut down scenarios can be tested without the availability of the complete vehicle.

Highly efficient Testing on Component & System Level

With the help of our high-voltage system test bench, it is also possible to put the HV system into operation in advance to the vehicle commissioning, which ensures a more efficient development progress and therefore timing and cost reduction. For example, it is possible to integrate and test components in the system such aseDrives, on-board chargers, charging inlets or DCDC converters without the necessity of HV batteries.

High-Voltage System Test Bench

On component level, we offer the option to validate components on a HiL test bench to our customers, where the rest of the vehicle will be simulated as Simulink models.  In this configuration, sensor or actuator error chains can be simulated, which cannot be tested in a real driving situation due to safety reasons. If there is a corresponding correlation, the effects of calibration adjustments on component level can be inspected on the entire vehicle.

Full Vehicle Simulation

  • Component & System Commissioning
    • Communication Tests
    • Functional Tests
    • System Tests
  • Commissioning LV/HV System
  • Fault Injections at Component Level

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