Mule vehicles are prototypes which are used for ”on-road testing” at a very early development stage.

For these prototypes, a certain donor vehicle is used as a base for integration of new developed components or systems which allow basic functional testing significantly earlier than first prototypes.

Early system testing on road, allows functional investigations and furthermore gathering of measurement data for e.g. target definition for vehicle performance and load data for vehicle fatigue or other simulation.

Early Stage On-Road Testing

  • Large build up competences conventional, Hybrid, BEV, FCEV, passenger cars and commercial vehicles up to a high quality build up quality 
  • Entire lead of mule vehicle build up phase in prototype workshop by use of donor or newly developed vehicle environment 
  • Strip down of donor vehicle 
  • High level physical integration of new systems to base vehicle 
  • Ensure of communication between base vehicle and new systems (f.e. interface design and verification)
  • Build up of HIL testing environment for HV and LV communication and functional testing 
  • Prototype part coordination 
  • LV/HV harness design and build up 
  • Sub system integration 
  • Component integration 
  • Prototype parts coordination 
  • Use of on site prototype workshop and further prototype build up related facilities like on site proving ground
  • Entire functional start up of mule vehicle together with predefined suppliers 
  • Vehicle functional testing for newly integrated systems 
  • Vehicle build up documentation as base for further development stage build ups


  • Tailor made sheet metal part preparation area f. brackets, body parts, finishing of PT parts
  • Separate passenger car and commercial vehicle area
  • Separate LV/HV harness build up area
  • Inclination test bench  

Prototype Workshop includes