Our fatigue laboratory here at Engineering Center Steyr is one of the most experienced institutions in the field of fatigue testing for passenger cars, trucks, light commercial or special vehicles.

Our combination of simulation services with our internal measurement technology offers an all-round complete package for our customers in the structural durability sector.

Combined Simulation and Measurement Services

The spectrum of our measurement services goes from standard load data measurements (strain, acceleration, displacement) to highly complex drivetrain efficiency measurements using telemetry equipment. Load data is calibrated in-house for internal load data generation as well as an external service. FEMFAT LAB​​​​​​​ is used to support the complete workflow of data generation and processing.

The applied measurement technology is specialized in measurement data acquisition and data processing. We are prepared for all operations, no matter if you need support on our test track​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ here in St. Valentin or in the most remote corners on earth.

We are offering support from the conception of the sensors, through the application and configuration of the amplifiers to the measurement and data processing for subsequent simulations or strength tests.

  • 300 Amplifier Channels
  • 150 Acceleration Sensors (50 3axial, 100 uni dir.)
  • 120 Displacement Sensors
  • 180 Load Cells
  • All types of Strain Gauges (Uni, T-rosette, Rosette)

Hard Facts

  • IMC Cronos compact and flex systems (incl. EtherCat)
  • IMC Cansas flex systems 
  • Caemax Mops systems
  • Up to 180 amplifier channels + CAN + GPS simultaneously
  • High-precision

Data Acquisition Systems

  • CAN bus (vehicle CAN, GPS, WFTs, ...)
  • Bridge (strain gauge, accelerometer,..)
  • Voltage
  • Counter
  • Charge
  • ICP
  • Temperature

Modules for

  • On Test Track
  • On Test Bench
  • On Public Road

Measurement on site