Thermal management deals with the control and optimization of a vehicles heat flows. Fully electric drivetrains have the challenge to combine high efficiency for maximum range with the customer request of ideal cabin comfort. Additionally, vehicles with fuel cell powertrains require an optimized thermal system layout to guarantee the best system performance.

Our intelligent thermal management solutions guarantee the best possible performance and efficiency. 

Range, Performance and Comfort

At our site in St. Valentin we have over 25 years of experience in this field of expertise and since more than 10 years we focus on electrified powertrains. Therefore, we mainly develop cooling and HVAC systems for BEV, (P)HEV and FCEVs, while covering also conventional drivetrain technologies.

Based on our longtime experience in simulation and advance development we have evolved to an engineering partner for complete system development on vehicle level. We offer customized development support from concept investigation up to series release during every development stage.

To ensure an optimized cooling system in terms of energy consumption, cooling power, packaging, emissions, NVH, etc. an integral approach on vehicle level is required in an early development phase. Heat sources and sinks are identified and grouped to different cooling system layouts depending on the different temperature level. Supported by simulations and the expertise of different departments the diverse solutions are rated. Depending on the vehicle targets the focus is on coupling of different cooling circuits, intelligent heat distribution and the use of waste heat (e.g. heat pump).

Concept Development

  • Target definition on VTM system und vehicle level
  • Development and comparison of cooling system concepts
  • Packaging studies
  • Simulation of sub-systems
  • Rating at system level
  • Parameterization at vehicle level

The in-house development of the thermal simulation software KULI forms the basis of many years of experience in the cooling system simulation. Depending on the development phase CFD and 1D KULI simulations are performed and the cooling system components specified.

Simulation and System Development

  • CFD simulation
  • 1D KULI simulation
  • HVAC and cooling system simulation
  • System optimization
  • Component specification  

Our design department is responsible for the packaging and mechanical integration of cooling and HVAC system components into the vehicle according to specific requirements. Furthermore, our engineers provide the necessary specification documents and take over the supplier coordination and communication.

Vehicle integration and CAD

  • Component integration and packaging
  • Design of coolant circuits piping and air ducts
  • Design of heat protection components
  • Spec Book development and supplier management

Optimizing the range of electric vehicles is one of the most important development targets, which lead to focus on system efficiency and functional software. Our thermal management software is built-up modular and can be easily adapted to customer specific requirements. Additionally, we develop software functions based on special customer requirements.

VTM Software Development

  • Definition and specification of software requirements
  • Software development
  • MATLAB/Simulink/StateFlow integration
  • Modularity
  • Efficiency optimization
  • Coupling to simulation models
  • TargetLink or Embedded Coder

In our in-house workshop prototypes are built according to the requirements and equipped with measuring sensors required for testing the cooling system. Furthermore, the prototype vehicles will be maintained during vehicle testing period. VTM prototypes and measurement device integration

Prototype and Measurement Equipment Build-Up

  • Definition of testing requirements
  • Build-up of prototypes and test benches
  • Measurement device definition
  • Measurement device integration
  • Vehicle support

Vehicle testing is carried out either on our in-house 4WD roller dynamometer, the test track or, if desired, at the customer’s site worldwide. In addition, we have cooling and air conditioning system test benches that can be adapted according to the needs of the customer.

System and Vehicle Testing

  • Test specification
  • Testing on roller dynamometer, test track or system test benches
  • Software application
  • Real driving proving in summer and winter conditions
  • Measurement data analysis
  • System optimization
  • Towing dynamometer rental