DVP & R​​​​

For the total vehicle validation we are using a generic DVP (Design Validation Program) which grows over time and is fed with the huge amount of different engineering projects and projects validations.

Our validation engineers have a deep system understanding for mechanical and electrical systems. The generic DVP table will be aligned with the customer target request and the vehicle system suppliers. The entire system suppliers are also tracked via the DVP target and timing. 

Vehicle validation based on DVP&R

  • Fatigue and MBS simulation to confirm the maturity level 
  • Test benches for structure fatigue and propulsion systems validation
  • Basic function tests
  • Proving ground  to confirm the maturity level for the vehicle release
  • Fleet and customer tests
  • Spec book and requirements confirmation

The DVP covers or partly covers the validation in a very early stage during the V-Model of the different development phases

  • Component-based validation
  • Integration validation 
  • Validation of vehicle systems
  • Total vehicle validation for function, homologation support, lifetime and requirements validation

Adapted to

The results of the validation will be tracked in the DVP table aligned with the targets and reported to our customer.