​​​​​​​Electro Hydraulic Power
​​​​​​​Steering Pump

Demand-based Steering Support for Conventional and Electric Drive Systems

The global necessity of decarbonization as well as the continuous shift to alternative driven propulsion systems, leads to an increased demand for electrified auxiliaries in commercial vehicles.

The electro-hydraulic power steering pump is a product developed by ECS and offers a wide range of benefits such as fuel savings, reduced CO2 emissions, increased steering system efficiency and demand-based steering support.

This makes our steering pump the perfect match for both, conventional and electric powertrains. 

Competitive Advantages

  • Fuel / CO2 savings
  • High packaging flexibility
  • Vehicle speed adjusted steering feeling
  • Simplification of ICE gear set with less vibrations and ICE friction loss reduction at cranking
  • Ready for pure electric driving-capable hybrids and EVs
  • Lower oil temperature due to reduction of flow losses

Conventional hydraulic power steering (HPS) is driven directly by the internal combustion engine via belts or gear trains with a fixed gear ratio which yields a pump speed that is directly proportional to the engine speed. In order to provide sufficient power for the steering in every situation, the pump must be able to deliver the full volumetric flow rate even when the engine speed is low, which means that for most operating situations, it is over-dimensioned. For this reason, higher engine speeds require a restriction of the volumetric flow rate by means of a bypass, which, however, entails unnecessary losses and system inefficiency. 

Consequently, ECS has developed a highly integrated and powerful Electro-Hydraulic Power Steering Pump (EHPS) for 24V Boardnet Architectures which allows this problem to be circumvented specifically for commercial Trucks and Buses. This technology retains the conventional steering gear box whilst having the advantage of fully flexible packaging due to its directly driven electric motor with integrated power-control electronics. In combination with a Cooling realized via the Hydraulic Oil, further measures can be considered when it comes to vehicle packaging and integration. 

With the possibility of an intelligent Operation Strategy and Steering Map individually configurable for different Vehicle Types and Operating Profiles, the demand-based control of the pressure and volumetric flow rate in relation to Vehicle Speed and Steering Angle can be set contributing further towards increased Steering Comfort and Efficiency. 

Features / Specifications

  • Hydraulic performance: up to 3.2 kW
  • Voltage level: 24V
  • Current consumption: up to 125 A (cont.), up to 250 A (peak)
  • Vehicle communication: via CAN Bus
  • Dimensions: 250x190x232mm
  • Weight: approx. 15.5kg
  • Cooling: oil cooled / air-cooled
  • Ambient temperature: 40°C…90°C
  • Protection: IPX6K/IPX9K
  • EMC: UN ECE-R10.05

Information & Contact

For more information about our steering pump, please contact our sales team​​​​​​​ or download the techsheet​​​​​​​.