The build up of demonstrator vehicles brings significant positive aspects in terms of testing of future technologies and products.

By building up such a vehicle, in car communication, dynamic testing, as well as data analysis can be performed in a very early development stage.

Building Prototypes with Future Technology

  • Far reaching build up competences conventional, Hybrid, BEV, FCEV, passenger cars and commercial vehicles up to a high quality build up quality 
  • Build of HIL testing environment for HV and LV communication and functional testing (f.e. FuSa related items) 
  • Entire lead of demonstrator vehicle build up phase in prototype workshop (from parts at workshop till homologation/road release) 
  • Use of donor or newly developed vehicle from scratch
  • LV/HV harness design and build up 
  • Sub system integration 
  • Component integration 
  • Prototype parts coordination 
  • Use of on site protoype workshop and further prototype build up related facilities like on site proving ground to provide full service 
  • Entire functional start up of vehicle together with predefined suppliers 
  • Vehicle functional testing for newly integrated systems 
  • Vehicle Build up documentation for homologation process 
  • Prototype workshop​​​​​​​ includes:
    • Tailor made sheet metal part preparation area for brackets
    • Body parts
    • Finishing of PT parts
    • Separate passenger car and commercial vehicle area
    • Separate LV/HV harness build up area
    • Inclination test bench 

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