In modern engine and vehicle development, comprehensive test and measurement procedures are the basis for efficient processes and accurate forecasts.

Engine testing at Engineering Center Steyr includes testing and development of combustion engines powered by diesel or petrol.

​​​​​​​Our competence starts from prototypes up to serial products. In addition, we cover complete new and further developments for modern combustion engines up to entire drivetrains.

Advanced Testing for Combustion Engines

Installing the combustion engine connected with an asynchron motor on the test bench allows to stress the engine with pre-defined conditions. The stress level can be adjusted to the same conditions as normal road use and laboratory conditions. If necessary, stress facility for AC, gernerator, hydraulic and vacuum can be assembled on the engine. Conditioning for intake- and ambient air, cooling liquid, oil and fuel can be served.






We cover tests of combustion engines for all standard vehicle use. Tested vehicle engines starting from passenger cars, trucks up to non-road equipment, boats as well as airplanes.

To simulate controlled altitude and humidity we have a special climate chamber test bench​​​​​​​.

On additional demand we have the possibility to use thermal shock devices for special engine tests.

Another special test option device is the external oil supply, for example used for turbocharger applications. The measurement is implemented by high frequent measurement equipment to scale the engine parameters.

  • Compression and sparked ignition engines
  • Power Range: Mechanical power up to 520kW / 3600Nm | Electrical power supply 48V | HV Battery Simulators 
  • Field of Applications: Passenger Car, Light & Heavy Duty Trucks, Nonroad, …
  • Temperature
  • Pressure
  • Volume Flow
  • Current / Voltage
  • Dynamic Fuel Consumption Measurement
  • Engine out Tailpipe Emission
  • FTIR

  • AVL Micro Soot Sensor

  • AVL Particle Counter

  • AVL Opacimeter

  • AVL Indicating System

  • AVL Flow Sonix

  • Fuel Measurement

  • Horiba Mexa

  • RedAnt

  • Oil Soot Analyzer

  • Smart Sampler