When you close your vehicle door you enter your own acoustic surrounding. Your driving comfort is strongly depending on the sound/noise you hear and the vibrations you feel. Especially in electric driven vehicles the expectation is high to sit in a quiet and comfortable place. This is defined by the vibration behaviour of the powertrain components, the isolation characteristic of the elastic mounts and the dynamic response of the suspension and body.

Developing Comfortable and Reliable Vehicles

We support vehicle development with our NVH simulations and our acoustic software MNOISE already in the early design phase. Finite elements models which can be combined with multi-body system are used to simulate in time domain or directly in the frequency range. Our long-time experience and close co-working with our testing experts allow us to predict acoustics also at the challenging high frequencies of electric drives.

A second focus of our simulation competence is the fatigue assessment of add-on parts like engine components, fuel tanks or inverters including detailed analyses of the electronic board vibration and fatigue of the SMD solder joints.

We are a team of simulation experts with decades of experience in FE and MBS simulations for vehicle development.

  • Trucks
  • Passenger cars
  • Off-road applications
  • Agriculture
  • Construction
  • Railways

Our Field of Work

Our global cooperation with customers is in the field of simulation support and the development of simulation processes as well as automation. We can support you during the vehicle development phase or help you find solutions for your urgent task force topics.

New Mobility

  • Acoustic analysis of hybrid- and electric-drives with gear whine and electromagnetic excitations
  • Inverter cover acoustic optimization
  • Battery carrier vibrational fatigue


  • Electronics and PCB assembly modelling and simulation
  • Vibrational fatigue of solder joints of SMD parts on electronic boards

Combustion engine and gearbox

  • Crank train dynamics for fatigue and acoustics
  • Structure and air borne noise of engine-transmission unit and gearbox
  • Rattling behavior of gear pairs
  • Vehicle integration analysis and mount stiffness layout
  • Add-on part vibrational fatigue

Truck Cabin and Car Body

  • Dynamic evaluation of body-in-white or trimmed body
  • Local dynamic stiffness at interfaces
  • Noise and vibration transfer functions
  • Interior noise and vibration from powertrain or road excitations
  • Component vibration like steering and mirrors

Fuel Tank Fatigue

  • Fluid and structure interaction
  • Evaluation of mounting at vehicle
  • Vibration analysis and fatigue

Air Borne Noise

  • Acoustic radiation of powertrain components
  • Evaluation of acoustic shielding
  • Simulation of wave propagation in air intake and exhaust systems
  • Abaqus, MSC Nastran - Finite Element solver
  • MSC Adams, Simpack - Multi body simulation
  • MAMBA - Simulation of joint contact phenomena
  • MNOISE - Acoustic simulation pre- and postprocessor
  • FEMFAT LAB vi​​​​​​​ - load generation based on measurements

Available Software