Reproducible measurement results under extreme conditions are getting more important in the field of engine development. The high altitude and climate test bench in St. Valentin covers a large spectrum of possible test scenarios. We are able to perform all investigations, which are necessary for the development or application of extreme altitudes up to 5000m above sea level.

The temperature in the test chamber can vary between -30°C and +50°C as needed. In addition it is also possible to regulate the humidity. Beyond stationary programs, the test bench is able to perform transient driving cycles as well as customer specific test cycles.

Reproducable measurement results under extreme conditions

  • Max. altitude: 5000 m (540 mbar)
  • Performance: 500 kW
  • Engine torque: 2600 Nm / 3100 Nm peak
  • Max. engine speed: 8000 U/min
  • Humidity abs.: 24 g/kg
  • Rel.: 95% @ T< 28°C
  • Temperature: -30°C / +50°C
  • Temperature
  • Pressure
  • Volume flow
  • Current / voltage
  • Dynamic fuel consumption measurement
  • Dual Line MEXA-7170DEGR with BSPU-702RB
  • COH/CO2 - analyzer
  • COL - analyzer
  • CO2 - EGR – analyzer
  • CO2 - analyzer
  • THC - analyzer heated
  • NO, NO2 u. NOx - dual detector (analyzer heated)
  • FTIR
  • Particle counter
  • AVL Micro soot

Additional measurement equipment can be implemented.