At Engineering Center Steyr (ECS) we develop vehicle functions in close contact with the customer in order to meet the requirements as efficient and quick as possible.

Our target is to reach the goal in the most direct possible way, whether it is for feasibility studies or for products ready for series production.

Developing customer vehicle function

We offer or take over parts of the development as well as we could take care of the complete development process, consisting of

  • Concept development
  • Planning
  • Design
  • Simulation
  • Prototyp build-up
  • Software development
  • Testing
  • Calibration
  • Validation

Our fields of work



We have the necessary tools and extensive test equipment, including an in-house test track, to achieve the jointly set goals as quickly as possible.


Our engineering team covers the entire function development process in accordance to ISO 26262. The process starts with the definition of functions or functional sequences and operating strategies. In the next step, a model-based functional development is done in close cooperation with the system architects, the design and the planning of the E/E architecture takes place in parallel. For the software implementation, the models are adapted and transferred to the corresponding target hardware. The buildup of HiL test benches and the entire system integration into the vehicle as well as validation on the test bench or on the test track completes the development process.

The function development can be offered on the vehicle system level or on complete vehicle level.

  • Steer by Wire
  • Brake by Wire
  • Active Suspension (Spring, Damping or Stabilizer)

Examples of some vehicle systems