A well working boardnet is the foundation for operating all electric components installed in a vehicle. While developing the energy boardnet to supply every single component we especially take a look on an energy efficient operation strategy for all participants, meaning wake up and shutdown strategy.

To ensure exchange of information between different control units a communication network is mandatory. During our development process we are focusing on an efficient partition in most common used bus protocols CAN, CAN FD, FlexRay and LIN regarding bus load and bus stability.

Control Unit Architecure & Bus Layout

Integrating newly developed mechatronic components into an already existing serial vehicle is a special challenge. We support our customers with developing an appropriate residual bus to clear upcoming failures when removing basic components from the donor vehicle. Also we support with adjusting the bus architecture to fit the new components.

  • Bus layout & control unit architecture
  • Residual bus simulation
  • LV energy management (wake up and shut down strategy)
  • Function & gateway development
  • Testing

Our Fields of Work