Our engineers here at the Engineering Center Steyr (ECS) develop systems and overall solutions to improve the longitudinal and lateral dynamics of all types of vehicles for a wide range of applications.

We are working on vehicel dynamics topics for all types of vehicle, like vehicles for individual transport such as cars and motorcycles, commercial vehicles, work machines ​​​​​​​and many more.

Improving Vehicle Dynamics

Driving dynamics not only include the achievable longitudinal and lateral acceleration, also hill hold, launch control, lane keep assist and other improvements, like a precise realization of the driver demand. These requirements are fulfilled by precise, wheel independent brake, propulsion and steering actuation. New trends in drive technology also provide additional options for interaction in driving dynamics. We are able to meet the most diverse requirements with innovative solutions.

  • Subsystems
  • Sub-areas in software and hardware
  • Overall systems, such as a complete steering and/or braking system or a drive concept

Our Field of Work

Additional functions and components can be integrated in the existing system to bring it up to date and make it sustainable.

In order to be able to advance such further developments as efficiently as possible or to implement new developments as time and cost efficient as possible, our project team is in close contact with the customer already during the concept phase.

This approach makes it possible to avoid unnecessary development steps, misdevelopment or integration problems with the integration into the existing system in advance.