Multifunctional 4WD Chassis Dynamometer

The 4WD chassis dynamometer is a multifunctional development tool, supporting the testing and engineering portfolio for various applications. Tests on a chassis dynamometer generate data with high accuracy and repeatability under real driving conditions while exactly keeping the requested ambient conditions stable. Different driving cycles also with changing gradients are possible, either with a driver or a driving robot.

Main development topics are:

Emission Measurement

  • Constant volume sampling (CVS) measurement
  • Online emission measurement (multiple lines from engine out to tailpipe)
  • Standard cycles as well as customer specific cycles are possible
  • Different certification fuels available 

NVH & Acoustics Development

  • Fingerprint benchmarking
  • 4WD powertrain investigation
  • Flexible scenario measurement

Energy & Thermal Management

  • Energy consumption measurement
  • Cooling system investigation
  • Warm-up measurement

Function Development

  • Drivetrain calibration
  • Function development
  • Simulation model verification 

The technical specification of the equipment, performance, wheel base, axle load, speed and cell dimensions allow the testing of a wide range of vehicles - from passenger car to light duty trucks.


  • 4 single wheel drives: 4 x 250 kW
  • Max. drag force: 4 x 6000 N
  • Maximum vehicle speed: 260 km/h
  • Temperature condition -20°C up to 50°C
  • Flexible wheelbase: 2.0 – 4.4 m
  • Vertical load per axle: 5.500 kg
  • Acoustic free field conditions from 40 Hz to 10 kHz (according  DIN EN ISO 3745, class I)
  • Cell dimension (l x b x h): 12 x 8,3 x 4,5 m
  • Conditioning boxes (-20°C up to 40°C)

Emission Test Equipment

  • Constant volume sampling
    • AVL 4000
    • FFP 4000
    • AMA i60
  • Particle counter
  • Particle mass
  • AVL sesam FTIR
  • Horiba mexa (single & dual NOx) 
  • Micro soot sensor