Engine Test Benches

In modern engine and vehicle development, comprehensive test and measurement procedures are the basis for efficient processes and accurate forecasts.

For dynamic and stationary testing, we use fully automated engine test benches with state-of-the-art measurement technology, as well as highly efficient software solutions to optimize the test effort.

Our offer covers the testing of engines up to the complete engine / transmission system according to a coordinated DVP & R in the context of an overall development or as individual services.

  • Dynamic and Steady State Testing
  • Component Testing
  • Function & Durability Testing
  • Engine Benchmark
  • Engine and OBD Calibration
  • Engine Homologation
  • Exhaust Gas After Treatment Calibration and Development
  • Frictional Power Analysis 

Further technical data is available on request.

Technical Data of the Test Chambers

  • Compression and sparked ignition engines
  • Power range: up to max. 520 kW
  • Field of applications: Passenger Car, Light & Heavy Duty Trucks, Nonroad, …

All Physical Parameters can be measured

  • Temperature
  • Pressure
  • Volume flow
  • Current / voltage
  • Dynamic fuel consumption measurement

Emission Measurement Equipment

  • AVL Micro Soot Sensor
  • AVL Particle Counter
  • AVL Opacimeter
  • AVL Coriolis
  • AVL Indicating System
  • AVL Flow Sonix
  • AVL Fuel Measurement
  • Horiba Mexa
  • Oil Soot Analyzer
  • Smart Sampler
  • 48V Power Supply
  • and many more …