Advanced Driver Assistance Systems

ADAS Function development is strongly related to the correct raw data information and its post processing from Radar, Lidar, Camera and IMU.  Based on the point cloud information post processing and sensor fusion techniques are applied to get e.g. a 3D model of the environment, which allows off road path planning to avoid to high slopes and gradients. In order to have a modular flexible operation system the implementation is done on ROS 2 middleware, which also enables a fast function development and fast changes of the sensor setup if required.

Apart from the function development, also the testing can be done on the ECS proving ground​​​​​​​, which is also updated with different ADAS features.

Apart from the in general critical task of sensor fusion, harsh environments (fog, dirt, snowfall, rain) still increases the demands in an adequate post processing to achieve a reliable information which is directly transferred to support the driver or the automated driving system.

Possible Application

  • Sensor evaluation and definition with respect to requirements (e.g. dirt, rain, …)
  • Evaluation and design of different post processing algorithms with respect to typical use case for harsh environments
  • Testing on proving ground ( including e.g. sprinkler system and off road testing)